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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 20, 2010, 1:58 PM

First time premium member on DA. I guess I didn't take this option before because I really don't like the word "pReMiUm"... it kinda makes me feel like a jar of mustard, or somethig I could by in a food store, but I guess the options it opens are quite nice. Anyhow, giving that I will spend some more time making portfolios and stuff, I'll update also the DA account at the same time.


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repris du poil de la bete...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 19, 2010, 6:39 PM

le nouveau portefolio est presque prêt. Jetez un coup d'œil si vous avez le temps, j'aimerais bien avoir des avis...

A bientôt

  • Listening to: Tom Waits
  • Reading: Histoire de la folie à l'age classique
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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 18, 2010, 8:46 AM
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November is the cruelest month... Working hard on my computer to escape the gloom outside.

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
  • Listening to: Tom Waits
  • Reading: Histoire de la folie à l'age classique
  • Drinking: wine
I've been working hard, preparing two big art projects. Good music, interesting new people, and so on. I'm in a very creative mood, and this worms my heart more than the sun outside. I wish you all the same thing.
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I've been away for qite some time. my computer is fixed (if anyone cares...) but I haven't got the time to use it... I'm looking for jobs (photo stuff) and I'm preparing sme shoots as well as a new series of paper art, something quite new and intriguing, but all that demands a lot of time and effort. I thank all those who posted comments o and or faved my work (and all those who will do that.) Sorry I cannnot answer your each comment. See you soon, I hope. All of you watching and watched, keep up the good work. I've seen things I like a lot, but haven't got the means to take a closer, more interested look. I'll come back to yall in good time, I hope. Until then,

à bon entendeur, salut
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...because mine broke a few days ago. Conclusion, my back hurts less and I read a lot more. It's gonna take some time to put it back together again, my video device burned out and I'll have to find another good one... I'm not buying another coputer because I don't have the money to buy a proffessional one.. If anyone can offer me a G4 as a gift, I would be eternaly grateful. :D
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I started learning a few words and expressions a year ago and now I'm seriously thinking about passing on to the next level. I'm searching for Japanese pen-pals (girls welcome :) ) I can help you improve your french or english and, in exchange, you help me make a few steps more with my japanese.. Anyone?

favourite authors for the time being:

Sei Shônagon
Yukio Mishima (still on my first book...)
Haruki Murakami

I just love Satoshi Kon's movies and I'm a fan of Myazaki (the elder)
I like anime, in a rather fair amount, I think. Beside Satoshi Kun's work (Paprika and Paranoia Agent are simply the best...I loved:
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Cowboy Bebop
Dead Leaves
Serial experiments - Lane
Darker than black
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Rurôni Kenshin Seisouhen
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yûutsu

Journée de printemps qui s'étire
Un bâillement entraîne l'autre
Deux amis se quittent.

C'est un haiku de Sôseki, ecrit à l'occasion du départ d'un ami.
Je vous embrasse,
  • Listening to: My fair lady ^_^'
  • Reading: haikus
  • Watching: my feet
  • Eating: I'm full
  • Drinking: tap water...yuck!
Un beau matin de juin, le réveil
A sonné dès le lever du soleil
Et j'ai dit à ma poupée: faut te s'couer
C'est aujourd'hui qu'il passe
On arrive sur le boulevard sans retard
Pour voir défiler le roi d'Zanzibar
Mais sur-le-champ on est r'foulés par les agents

Alors j'ai dit

On n'est pas là pour se faire engueuler
On est là pour voir le défilé
On n'est pas là pour se faire piétiner
On est là pour voir le défilé
Si tout le monde était resté chez soi
Ça f'rait du tort à la République
Laissez-nous donc qu'on le regarde
Sinon plus tard quand la reine reviendra
Ma parole, nous on r'viendra pas

L'jour de la fête à Julot, mon poteau
Je l'ai invité dans un p'tit bistro
Où l'on sert un beaujolais vrai de vrai
Un nectar de première
On est sorti très à l'aise et voilà
Que j'ai eu l'idée de l' ram'ner chez moi
Mais j'ai compris devant l' rouleau à pâtisserie

Alors j'ai dit

On n'est pas là pour se faire engueuler
On est venu pour faire une 'tite belote
On n'est pas là pour se faire assommer
On est là pour la fête à mon pote
Si tout le monde restait toujours tout seul
Ça serait d'une tristesse pas croyable
Ouvre ta porte et sors des verres
Ne t'obstine pas ou sans ça l' prochain coup
Ma parole, j' rentre plus du tout

Ma femme a cogné si dur cett' fois-là
Qu'on a trépassé l' soir même et voilà
Qu'on se r'trouve au paradis vers minuit
Devant Monsieur Saint Pierre
Il y avait quelques élus qui rentraient
Mais sitôt que l'on s'approche du guichet
On est r'foulés et Saint Pierre se met à râler

Alors j'ai dit

On n'est pas là pour se faire engueuler
On est v'nus essayer l'auréole
On n'est pas là pour se faire renvoyer
On est morts, il est temps qu'on rigole
Si vous jetez les ivrognes à la porte
Il doit pas vous rester beaucoup d' monde
Portez-vous bien, mais nous on s' barre
Et puis on est descendus chez Satan
Et là-bas c'était épatant!...

C'qui prouve qu'en protestant quand il est encore temps
On peut finir par obtenir des ménagements!...
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I'm searching for locations in or near Paris for some photoshoots. Every time I found a place I liked, bam! something had to come up and spoil the thing. Y'en a marre! I've had it up to here (shows neck)... Well, maybe tomorrow...
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  • Eating: beans!! yeah! youpee!
  • Drinking: still Cofee
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  • Reading: L'Ecume des jours (Boris Vian)
  • Drinking: Cafee
Pictures and kirigami coming on. I don't like to make an image or something else then brag about it immediately on the internet (I have friends for that :))) I feel better taking my time and seeing if I really want the thing to be shown... it's not a very commercial attitude, I've been already told... many people tend to think that when you're creative, it's like a gift from god that never tires or eats or feeds. Well, I have my ups and downs, meaning that sometimes I'm not at all happy with what I make.

I want to finish some pixelart creas I started a while ago (and I have some ideas for some new ones) I discovered  in the meantime Jan Svankmajer, Ivan Maximov, Kol Belov and Don Hertzfeldt. I've got lots of ideas inspired by what they do. I especially like them for the fictional element, minimalism, using paper not only as support for the drawing, etc... The problem with pixelart is that it takes lots and lots of time to be done properly and that I don't really have right now.

I'll be adding more pictures. I am a professional photographer, and my specialty is perspective, space in general. I hesitated a long time before posting some of the things I do in this area. There always is a "parti pris" in those pictures, a thesis, if you prefer, that needs to be made explicit, and I'm still not sure that DeviantArt is the place for that.

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More pictures comming on. Lots of projects, and I hope more free time. Love's in the air :p
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Well, long time no seein'!
A month without internet makes a person wonder about life, cosmic waves, the price of beer and other seriuous stuff. I'm glad it's over :p

I'm looking for a web designer and programmer willing to collaborate on a flash-based website photo and graphics -gallery. I don't have any money (it's a personal art-project) but I do have a lot of ideas... I'll come back later with details...

See ya